PostgreSQL Administration

PostgreSQL Administration services from ThoughtBirds renders perfect solution for organizations that require additional help managing their PostgreSQL database.

PostgreSQL Deployment

Installing PostgreSQL may be a straightforward exercise for many, but some installations are more complex than others. We can ensure your installation is correctly installed and optimized from day one.



If you’re looking for help with Replication, you’ve come to the right place.

We know that replication means different things to different people. Our approach is to understand your requirements for High Availability, Data Integration, Archiving etc. and to optimise the solution for your business. Whether it’s a one-off project or you need permanent infrastructure, we can help.

Although PostgreSQL’s integrated replication options are generally preferred, we recognise that third party replication systems such as Slony-I, Bucardo and Londiste serve various use-cases that are not currently best addressed by PostgreSQL alone. For that reason, we regularly support and provide services around these systems.


Migrate from Oracle

Moving your database to PostgreSQL has never been easier – and never made more sense.   The typical cost savings over a 5 year period can be greater than 90% and yet there are no compromises when migrating to PostgreSQL.

We can help you every step of the way; from an initial migration assessment, planning the migration, training staff and deployment.

Once deployed we then provide you with reassurance through services like 24/7 Production Support.  Our support services are quite possibly better than anything you have experienced from proprietary database vendors, giving you first hand access to highly experienced database experts and even offering services like 15 minute response times and a guaranteed bug fix within 24 hours (Platinum Support subscribers).

Migrating your data, the most crucial part of your business, from another DBMS such as Oracle® Database to PostgreSQL is a process that requires careful analysis and goes well beyond an automated migration tool.

Our Robust and well tested migration process covers the following phases:

  • Initial analysis
  • Design and implementation of the new database
  • Design and implementation of the new stored procedures (where applicable)
  • Data migration procedures
  • Testing of the applications
  • Simulation of the migration
  • Deployment

Contact us to find out more about how we start helping you save money and give you far greater flexibility, by migrating from Oracle (or Sybase, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and others) to PostgreSQL.


Data Recovery

We provide low-level database recovery services, for when disaster strikes.

PostgreSQL disaster recovery is a black art; ability in this area can only come from an intimate understanding of the on-disk layout of PostgreSQL heap files and write-ahead log files, which implies a deep understanding of PostgreSQL internals and server source code. ThoughtBirds employ a number of exceptionally skilled practitioners of PostgreSQL database disaster recovery.


Upgrade PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL 9.5 provides many new features to reduce your total cost of ownership, increase robustness and improve performance.

ThoughtBirds delivers professional services aimed at allowing you to move quickly to take advantage of the new features and of the reduced total cost of ownership possible with open source.


Online Upgrades

Upgrading to a new version of PostgreSQL, or to the latest hardware can be a tricky business, requiring careful planning and testing. ThoughtBirds provide a packaged service to help you upgrade quickly and easily while minimising downtime and risk. We offer a clear plan, gauged with realistic and achievable timings and including plans to cover risks and contingencies. Let our experience be your guide.


Support and Remote DBA

Not only do you get the benefits of the best PostgreSQL support available, we can eliminate the hassle of monitoring and managing your database to ensure it’s always running and performing at its best.

RDBA, when combined with 24/7 Production Support, can provide your organization with the reassurance that when things do go wrong, we’ll spot the problem quickly – and fix the problem quickly.

Team Expertise

The team that provides both the monitoring and ultimately helps fix issues is one of the most experienced group of people you’re likely to find. All of our engineers have years of experience and many are regular contributors to the development of PostgreSQL. With deep knowledge of the core code, Remote DBA and Production Support give you access to some the world’s leading PostgreSQL experts.

Save money on resources

Remote DBA can be a very cost effective alternative to hiring additional resources to perform the same tasks. Typical costs can be less than 20% of the cost of hiring just one full time DBA. Add in the cost of possibly three DBA’s that you’d need to hire to cover a 24 hours shift, and the cost for Remote DBA from ThoughtBirds becomes very compelling.

Save money on downtime

Remote DBA can bring substantial cost savings through reducing the risk of unplanned downtime. The cost of downtime will vary from one company to another but the likely impact of losing access to your database will vary from inconvenient to total disaster! Remote DBA with remote monitoring allows us to act fast, reducing the impact of failure and the consequences of lost database access.