Hire Dedicated Developer

At ThoughtBirds Technologies LLP we have highly skilled software developers for you to hire them. They are smart, they understand the distance of work and strive to provide the best result. You will find dedication of work and you can closely monitor the project.

Irrespective of the project size, we allow clients to hire dedicated developer team that will cater to their unique business needs with extensive research, knowledge and experience. Our team follows the rule for transparent communication. We take care of infrastructure, recruitment and retention, administration, reporting etc.


Dedicated Resources are, quite simply, your own employees without any strings attached.

You don’t have to calculate their taxes or pay for their insurance. They don’t go near your coffee machine or eat into your office supplies, and you’re even spared the Monday morning yawns.

Offshore dedicated resources work directly under your control as per your instructions and schedules from an overseas location. They are supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure and are always available through email, chat or telephone for discussions and follow up. They are also supervised by a project manager who ensures quality and compliance with project specifications. You can appoint a dedicated developer or designer, or even an entire project team that focuses solely on your assignment on a full-time or part-time monthly basis.

Hiring a dedicated resource is cost-effective and lends flexibility to your business. You can modify the scale of your operations according to project requirements without taking the risks and responsibilities associated with personnel employment. Small and medium sized enterprises can exploit the benefits of such an offshore development centre by employing skilled manpower without any infrastructure investments and associated overheads.


Understanding Your Business Requirements

To provide you with the most suitable candidate, we evaluate your business needs with regards to desired qualifications, required experience, project technicalities, project duration, and budget.

Finding The Right Candidate

The human resources department analyses your requirements. It then provides a list of resumes of suitable candidates to be short-listed for the interview. This list of resumes is forwarded to you for consideration, and an interview is arranged with the short-listed candidates.
In case you would like a hire a resource other than the existent ones at our company, we’d be happy to look for a suitable match outside.


After you have chosen the resource(s) meeting your criteria, the details of the contract are negotiated and finalised, and work begins.