Import product images from external url in magento 1.7.x and above

Let’s say we have a CSV file with an extra field: external_image_url
Simply follow below steps to import product images from external url in Magento 1.7.x and above.

1. Copy app/code/core/Mage/Catalog/Model/Convert/Adapter/Product.php to the local code pool so that new path looks like:

2. Open the Product.php from local code pool and […]

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plus/minus (+/-) button in the product pages to enable customers to change the quantity in cart for magento

To have plus and minus buttons to increment and decrement our product quantity, rather than just a simple input box. By default, Magento provides a text box for entering quantity wherein customers can change the quantity in the text box and submit the “Add to Cart” button. That is a […]

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Why Magento is The Best Ecommerce Solution?

Reasons to Why Magento is The Best Ecommerce Solution?

Ecommerce is a business model that enables to conduct the business over the Internet, using any of the applications that rely on the Internet. Online business is obviously advantageous due to its 24-7 availability, global reach and efficient customer service.

The greatest part […]

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Country Codes for Magento

Country Code=”AF” , Country Name=”Afghanistan”
Country Code=”AX” , Country Name=”Åland Islands”
Country Code=”AL” , Country Name=”Albania”
Country Code=”DZ” , Country Name=”Algeria”
Country Code=”AS” , Country Name=”American Samoa”
Country Code=”AD” , Country Name=”Andorra”
Country Code=”AO” , Country Name=”Angola”
Country Code=”AI” , Country Name=”Anguilla”
Country Code=”AQ” , Country Name=”Antarctica”
Country Code=”AG” , Country Name=”Antigua and Barbuda”
Country Code=”AR” , Country Name=”Argentina”
Country Code=”AM” […]

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